Hear from a sucessful online entrepreneur Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings (doing the interview and learn some tips and secrets to how to make money online.

Make money online ideas is about having all sorts of ideas to help spark the ideas inside of you to help you breakthrough to developing an income online.

Ideas are very important because that is where everything starts. Can you imagine if Steve Jobs didn't have an idea for all the cool apple products we have today?

Making money online has a lot to do with having a plan of what you are passionate about and then having a daily plan of sharing that passion online. People will naturally connect with you when you begin sharing your thoughts and ideas and your successes and failures along the way!

Some of the most successful people are ones that have failed over and over again.

People that stick with their plan and goals end up being successful. How willing are you to stick with the plan of becoming sucessful? Some people it literally takes a couple years before they begin to see any type of sucess online, but the reason that they had success was because they did not give up. So there is a lot to be said about never giving up.

So if you have a great idea that you want to try to make money online with - then make sure that you have thought through your goals and plans and your daily action plan.

Don't give up!

Because of an idea - someone started People of Walmart and it's become an absolute rage in terms of traffic generation. People go and come back to see what all pictures were taken at Walmart for a laugh.

So what experience can you turn into becoming a traffic generator and also have the potential to make money online?

After all - this blog is all about ideas to make money online.

Start with a brainstorming session. What are some things that you find:





Once you begin coming up with a list of ideas - narrow it down to something that is gonna be something that you are passionate enough about to carry it through. The best way to make money online with most ideas is blogging and so start a blog (the one I use is mobile and business ready) and then start creating a weekly post about your experience - maybe it's something that started at Walmart lol!

Keep these things in mind when you blog:

  • Have Fun - You need to have fun because it shows through with what you do and how you write on your blog. People are drawn to fun versus dry and boring. Are you having fun?
  • Be consistent - don't just blog every so often - actually have a plan of attack so that you can become driven to meeting your goals.
  • Set Goals - Just because you want to make money online off an idea doesn't mean that you can always just throw things together and expect it all to work. List out some goals that are attainable and review them as often as necessary in order to begin to chase after and accomplish them. A good goal for being consistent is start off blogging once per week and try and increase this until you are blogging once per day on the subject of your passion.
  • Make sure you have a blog that is going to convert traffic to money - How is your blog going to make money once you have people showing up to it? What stratedgy are you taking? Click on a banner on this blog for what I consider one of the best opportunities and training you can get to make money online with your ideas from blogging. Oh - and you can do this now all from your cell phone if you so choose!

Blogging is about sharing your life or whatever you are in to. People micro blog every single day with Facebook - however - Facebook is the one making the money. If you are gonna share your life - why not also be able to make some money doing so - right? 

As in my last post - people want to do what they love and love what they do - there really is nothing better than that - so go after and discover your interests and ideas and begin sharing them with blogging and it again - your experience may just start at Walmart - who knows.

How To Use Blog Beast To Make Money Blogging Online - Training Session


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Everyone says that doing what you love and getting paid for it is the best thing that can happen for you in terms of a career.

Here are some steps to begin making money online with your passion:


1) Determine Your Passion - Hopefully this isn't too difficult to do since most people already know what they like to do for fun/fulfillment. If you are having trouble though - think through the past and jot down moments in your life that you really have enjoyed and see if you can see a pattern. For example, if you notice that when you think about enjoyable times - you keep writing down growing flowers - then you may just have discovered your passion or at least one of your passions. Don't overlook this step because determining your passion is what is going to drive you right to success. If you begin doing something that you are not passionate about - you will end up quitting and therefore not produce an income.


2) Put together an action plan - Now that you know what you want to be doing and you are fired up about it - you need a plan! How are you going to share your passion? How does your passion turn into making money online? What media sources or platforms will you use to promote what you are passionate about? How many times are you going to begin sharing via posts or videos? What do you want your outcome to be? Even if you have a passion it can fizzle without a plan. If you don’t know where you are going - any road can get you there!


3) Put Your Action Plan Into Action - Do not just come up with a plan and not do it! You will not be satisfied until you begin taking real action on your action plan! If you said blogging 3 times a week - then do it. If you are going to create 1 video per week - then do it. You are going to be miserable until you actually take action on your plan - so do it!


4) Determine how you are going to make money - So now that you have your passion and action plan and are executing it - how in the world do you make money online by sharing your passion? You can do this many ways, but first let me say that money is simply a by-product of your passion. You must be truly excited about what you do or it’s not going to be very effective - even when it comes down to making money from the passion - so make sure that you keep your passion about your passion lol. You can make money by selling your own products, selling other’s products, selling advertising space either google adsense or private advertisers.


Make sure that you are doing this with your own personal blog that you can share on the social media for additional traffic.


When you begin to blog - it will begin to pick up traffic from the search engines naturally and it will also begin to pick up traffic from sharing it on social media and so any time there is eyeballs on your blog that are interested in what you are interested about - then a certain percentage of people will always click on an image to learn about a product or service that is on your blog. It is just a numbers game. Always shoot for quality and think about what would help you if you were searching for something to answer your question. If you can think like a search engine thinks about giving people answers to what they are looking for - then you are going to do just fine as long as you have a consistent work ethic.

So put these things into motion and before long you are going to start seeing results financially from your passion and there is nothing better than that for a job/career!

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